IAG was seeking to recruit experienced female engineers to support the delivery of engineering services to the transport sector. It has implemented a range of measures to support the participation and advancement of women in the organisation.

As a people-focused business, IAG strives to provide a flexible, supportive and inclusive workplace that recognises diversity and harnesses talent and expertise from broad perspectives. Gender equality targets are just the start, with a broader focus on breaking down cultural and social barriers to achieve long-term, sustainable gender equality in the infrastructure consulting industry.

IAG is passionate about supporting career development to create more female industry leaders. By way of example, female engineers regularly present at careers days at secondary schools to raise awareness of engineering as a potential career choice.

Aligning with Victoria’s Building Equality Policy, IAG has designed and implemented its own gender equality action plan, with policies covering workplace inclusivity, harassment and the elimination of the gender pay gap.

In addition, IAG has a gender-equal parental leave policy. Men represent over 40 per cent of extended parental leave takers since IAG was formed just over three years ago. Leading by example, IAG’s CEO recently returned from six months parental leave with his daughter.

The outcomes

With a team of over 100 people, around 50 per cent are female. In addition, 32 per cent of engineers are female compared to the Australian engineering graduate average of just 13 per cent.

IAG’s staff retention rate is 97 per cent. Its confidential employee engagement survey findings show high levels of productivity and workplace satisfaction.

Tips for success

  • Inclusive policies are an initial and vital step
  • An organisation’s culture is crucial to retaining talented and motivated staff and needs to be led from the top
  • All staff need to feel supported and encouraged to contribute to workplace culture