Help us shape the future of rail

Our committees and working groups inform our policy agenda and the projects we lead on behalf of the rail industry. By being part of our committees and working groups, you can contribute to the policies and initiatives that will shape the future of our industry.

Executive committees

Our executive committees inform the ARA’s strategy and advocacy agenda. They meet on a regular basis and report to the ARA Board.

Passenger Operators Executive Committee (POEC)

The POEC brings together chief executives and senior representatives of passenger rail operations across Australia and New Zealand. The committee works together to achieve improved operational outcomes, tackle common challenges for collective improvement and achieve a better customer experience on heavy rail and light rail services.

Rail Freight Executive Committee (RFEC)

The RFEC represents freight rail operators, track  owners and ports operators who work together to ensure the rail industry can best support the nation’s growing freight task.

Heavy Hall Executive Committee (HHEC)

The HHEC represents heavy haul operators and stakeholders, including Australian representatives on the International Heavy Haul Association. It was developed to provide more targeted projects and advocacy to support the interests and challenges of heavy haul operators. It has a project emphasis on decarbonisation and localisation.

Rail Infrastructure Contractors Executive Committee (RICEC)

The RICEC includes senior leaders from companies who build new rail infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand including track construction, tunnels, stations, signalling and the electrification of railway networks. The committee is focused on improving technology and innovation, standards, procurement processes and skills development to support successful project delivery.

Rail Industry Executive Committee (RIEC)

The RIEC brings together senior leaders from rail suppliers, manufacturers and consulting companies working across the rail supply chain. Its work is focused on supporting a sustainable and competitive rail supply chain to support the industry’s long term success.

Committees and working groups

A number of additional committees and working groups have been established to support specific issues, challenges or opportunities facing the rail industry.

Key contacts

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