A strong supply chain for the long term

Australia's planned rail investment over the next five years will be double what we saw at the peak of the mining boom. Improving the policies and processes that shape the rail industry now will help us make the most of this wave of investment to create a strong and sustainable industry for the long term.

Procurement reform

A national approach to planning, procurement and policy for the rail industry would help drive procurement form and support a nationwide local content focus that gives rail businesses the scale and certainty they need to grow.

Skills development

The Australian rail industry is currently facing a skills crisis. With an ageing workforce exacerbating the looming skills challenge, investment is need to provide strong pathways into the rail industry, and promote easy movement of people across projects in different jurisdictions.

A long term focus

A strong rail supply chain must have funding certainty and a commitment to innovation. Sustainability principles must be embedded in every aspect of the supply chain to make the most of the benefits the rail industry can deliver.