The number of female employees in Port of Brisbane’s rail operations is not reflective of the diverse environment in which it operates. To address this issues and realise the benefits of diversity, the organisation launched a pilot program for port operations cadetships for women.

The two-year program sees participants rotate through the rail terminal and other port operations teams to support the development of women with different backgrounds and career paths. On completion, cadets obtain a Diploma of Logistics.

The outcomes

The program reached its half-way point in December 2021, with two cadets progressing through operational areas to provide a well-rounded understanding of the business.

Port of Brisbane team members have shared their decades of experience to support cadets to confidently start their operational careers. Both cadets have been well respected contributors to their teams – bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives.

The program has also highlighted the need for standardised procedures and updated documentation to ensure consistency in practices. A further post implementation review will be completed at the end of the pilot to identify learnings and determine next steps.

Tips for success

  • When implementing a new pilot program, stay curious, open and flexible in your approach
  • Keep communication lines open, check in regularly and ask for feedback from participants
  • Tailor the pace and support at each step, and incorporate participants’ ideas to make their experience successful
  • Complete a Post Implementation Review to identify key learnings