Transport for NSW has introduced a range of new measures as part of its support for the NSW Government’s ‘Premier’s Priorities’ call for gender balance in all senior public service roles by 2025. It has targeted 40 per cent female representation in senior roles as part of this commitment.

To support the appointment of women to executive and senior manager roles, Transport for NSW  implemented the following measures:

  • Senior executive and senior manager interview shortlists must comprise of at least 50 per cent suitable female candidates. If a shortlist does not meet this requirement, an exemption request outlining the steps taken to attract female applicants must be made to the Secretary
  • Gender-balanced recruitment panels for senior executive and senior manager roles are required
  • Advertising guidelines have been established, including a review of job advertisements to minimise gendered language to ensure the appeal of the role to women
  • The Anti-Discrimination Exemption Order can be applied across the organisation

Additional initiatives have been implemented to support a strong pipeline of female talent, including:

  • Market mapping of women in areas where there are critical skill shortages, such as in STEMC roles
  • Launch of NSW Government parental leave policy enhancements
  • Completion of an annual pay equity analysis and assessment as part of the Gender Pay Action Plan to sustainably address and minimise pay gaps
  • Bespoke coaching for female leaders when they are appointed to new executive leadership roles
  • All female Deputy Secretaries are eligible to participate in the Public Service Commission Leadership Academy Band 3 Program
  • Support for a hybrid way of working, with a mix of face-to-face and virtual working to give people greater choice in where and when they work
  • Support provided for people impacted by domestic and family violence, with training for HR business partners to ensure they are equipped to respond to people who may be impacted in the workplace

The outcomes

Transport for NSW increased female representation in leadership roles 3.4 per cent, from 32.4 per cent in June 2020 to 35.8 per cent in June 2021. This exceeded its target of 34 per cent for the period.

Transport for NSW now has strong female representation across all levels of management, with 67 per cent of direct reports to the Secretary and 57.8 per cent of direct reports to the Executive Team being women.

In addition, more than 50 per cent of trainee train drivers are now women for the first time, while 47 per cent of VET cadets, graduates and scholars, and 43 per cent of entry level engineering and ICT program participants are female, providing a strong pipeline for future leaders.

The Transport for NSW team has recognised this commitment, with 64 per cent of women and 70 per cent of men agreeing senior managers support the career advancement of women in the organisation’s 2020 People Matter Employee Survey.

Tips for success

  • Set year-on-year targets with strong leadership accountability
  • Remove any opportunity for bias in decision making
  • Establish 50:50 gender panels and shortlists, and using