Value of Rail

The contribution of rail in Australia

The rail industry contributes $29.8 billion to Australia's economic and supports 165,000 jobs. It connects economies across the country and makes our communities more healthier, safer and more sustainable.

Value of Rail 2020 provides a snapshot of the Australian rail industry and its contribution to our economy and community.

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Key highlights:

Passenger rail highlights

Freight rail highlights

Rollingstock manufacturing and supply highlights

Rail construction highlights


Media releases:

New report confirms need to get more passengers, freight on rail

Governments must get behind freight rail to avoid B-double gridlock

The contribution of rail in New Zealand

Rail is delivering up to $1.5 billion in hidden benefits to the New Zealand economy, according to an independent study prepared as part of a joint KiwiRail and New Zealand Transport Agency taskforce looking at integrated transport planning. The study, put together by professional services firm EY, examined what New Zealand would look like if there was no rail network, and the costs the country would face as a result, including increased congestion and higher emissions. The key findings available in the video below.

If you want to know more, the full report can be found here and a summary version here.