RIW National Matrices

The National Rail Industry Worker Governance Committee (NRIWGC) is continually working to standardise roles across the rail industry nationally.

In September 2018, the NRIWGC revised the national role matrices which outline the competencies required to hold specific roles. These updates were to improve and simplify the selection of roles and provide improved descriptions for users. In most cases the competency requirements for these roles have been rationalised.
The revised matrices provide further consistency and agreed minimum requirements across participating rail operators and will assist contractors working for multiple employers, operators or across multiple networks. There have been limited changes made to the competencies and roles within the previous matrix. The most significant change to be aware of is the new structure – the matrix has now been simplified and split out into four matrices. 
The following matrices are applicable to the RIW Program:
The requirements as outlined in these matrices have been agreed by the following rail operators in the NRIWGC:
  • Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC)
  • Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI)
  • John Holland Group (Country Regional Network – CRN)
  • Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM)
  • Queensland Rail (QR)
  • Transport for NSW
  • V/Line
Meeting the requirements for roles within the national matrices, does not automatically allow you access to the various networks. It is important that you check with the operator to determine the application of the national matrices to the network and if there are any other requirements you need to meet before you can work on track.The ARA would also like to advise all RIW's to check the Registered Training Operator (RTO) list on the training.gov.au website before undertaking any training to ensure they are receiving the training from an recognised provider. 
Some roles require you to maintain currency. This means you will need to be reassessed on your knowledge and ability to perform the role in accordance with their specific requirements. Roles that need proof of currency are noted in the Rail Industry Worker system during the registration process.
Should you require assistance please contact the RIW hotline on 1300 101 682.
What is a Matrix?
An RIW matrix is a table that is used to clearly demonstrate the competencies that are required to hold a particular role. It is a tool that RIW participants can use to help identify the roles and competencies they are required to hold in order to obtain a RIW card to work in the rail industry. Existing RIW card holders can also reference the tool should they be required to apply for additional roles.
How do I use a Matrix?
Step 1: Identify the role you wish to apply to have included on your RIW card. If you do not see your role listed choose the closest match or contact the operator or contractor you will be working for in this role.
Step 2: Follow the column down for the role you have selected to determine the competencies required to be compliant. Competencies are marked as either mandatory (M) or optional (O). Once you have identified the competencies required for the role, you will need to determine which ones you already possess and which ones you may need to obtain. For the competencies you already have, be sure to cross check your current qualifications against the role descriptors and currency requirements provided to ensure your qualifications are up to date.
Step 3: For the competencies/qualifications you already have, you will need to upload the relevant documentation to in the RIW portal. If you need to undertake further training to obtain further competencies for the role you are applying for, you will need to contact a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to find available training options.
Important, please note:
  • If you require assistance with general rail industry worker enquiries, registration, document upload, using the portal or card issues, contact the RIW Hotline on 1300 101 682.
  • Further information and frequently asked questions about the Rail Industry Worker system is available here.
  • For specific rail operator requirements please click here.


More Information

For more information, latest news and to register online visit www.riw.net.au.

Alternatively, please contact Cindy Russell via riw@ara.net.au or on 02 6270 4504.