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Capability Category

Accessibility, Asset Management, Bogie, Brakes and Break Discs, Bridges and Structures, Civil Infrastructure, Components and Structures, Corridor Infrastructure, Couplers, Customer Experience, Cyber Security, Decarbonisation, Digitisation, Data and Modelling, Drawbar, Energy, Engineering Surveying, Environment, Fleet, Freight Vehicles, Geometry and Alignment, Human Factors, HVAC, Interoperability, Intruder Detection, Locomotives, Modelling, Optimisation, Ore Cars, Other, Predictive Maintenance, Rollingstock Components, Safety, Security, Stations and Buildings, Structures, Sub-Systems Integration, Systems and Quality Assurance, Track, Trainborn Condition Monitoring, Wayside Monitoring, Wheel and Rail Interface, Wheel Sets

Strengths and Specific Capabilities

Primary areas of expertise include track structure, simulation modelling, vehicle-track interaction, vehicle dynamics, wheel-rail interface, real-time railway infrastructure condition monitoring, vehicle and track instrumentation, railway materials, rail welding, component testing, failure analysis, capacity increase, maintenance planning and optimisation, quality control, standards and training

Infrastructure, Facilities, Major Equipment and Onsite Technologies

• Servo-hydraulic, dynamic testing machines with load capacity 10–70 tonnes • Twin-disc test rig for simulation of wheel-rail contact conditions • Comprehensive range of data recording, analysis and computing equipment • Fatigue testing of components including rail welds, couplers, yokes, sleepers, fasteners and rail clips. • Rail surface friction measurements • Noise measurements • etc

Past and current industry partners

  • BHP
  • RTIO
  • FMG
  • ARTC

Technology Readiness Level

TRL 9 - System proven and ready for full commercial operation.

Published Work

Principal Researchers

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Ravi Ravitharan


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