Salary benchmarking specific to the rail industry

We have partnered with BDO and REMSMART to develop the first rail industry portal that allows members to access remuneration data specific to the rail industry.

The REMSMART portal is available exclusively to ARA members (Class E and above) to help them attract and retain the best team for their business.

Eligible ARA members will be invited to take part in the Rail Industry Remuneration Survey twice a year, unlocking their access to the portal in three easy steps:

  1. Take part in the survey and share your organisation’s remuneration data, confidentially and securely. Data will be validated by BDO and de-identified before being uploaded to the portal
  2. Log in to REMSMART and access de-identified remuneration data, analytics and reports specific to the rail industry
  3. Make the most of twice yearly data updates and regular trend reports to stay informed of the latest developments

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Key contacts

General Manager, Workforce Development