Accessible rail services

The rail industry continues to enhance access to our train and tram networks.

Public transport operators continue to enhance accessibility of rail services across the network to ensure easy access to trains and trams is there when people need it. The industry continues to invest in upgrades to infrastructure to support this aim. There are a range of ways the industry is contributing to greater accessibility across the network.

Embedding accessible design in new projects

New rail developments, stations and trains are designed to ensure easy access for people with a disability. This ranges from

Station and train upgrades

There is a great deal of legacy infrastructure across the rail network that was first built before current accessibility standards existed. Public transport operators continue to invest in upgrades to stations, trains and platforms to improve accessibility across the network. This work can include raising platforms, installing additional ramps and lifts, installing facilities for assistance animals and introducing beacon technology to improve access for people with low vision.

Operators also invest in new or upgraded trains to improve accessibility outcomes.

Reporting on our progress

ARA members operating public transport networks report on their progress on an annual basis. You can read their reports here.

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