Network maps


Map of Australian Railways

Ten years since its last edition, the GeoScience Railways of Australia Map was updated in 2014 to include the latest network of railway lines across our vast and growing country.

In conjunction with the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) and the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics, GeoScience Australia has developed a map depicting more than 42,000km’s of track covering passenger and freight lines, interstate networks and suspended services across the broad, standard and narrow gauges.

Also highlighted in the map are populated places across the country with and without stations and the cities with expanding light rail networks operating throughout.

The Railways of Australia Map is available here.


Track Classification Maps

In 2010, the ARA commissioned a network classification map to provide a high-level overview of the axle loads of various rail track networks across Australia.  Two versions are available, a national map and State-by-State.

The national track classification map is available here.

The State-by-State breakdown is available here.

Please note, high-resolution versions of the track classification maps are not available.

Disclaimer: while every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the track classification map, for operational purposes please contact the track provider for information on axle limits.



2004 High Level Network Map

In 2004, the ARA commissioned a high-level network map of the Australian and New Zealand rail networks (see image below).

Interested parties are welcome to use this image in presentations, documents etc. by acknowledging the Australasian Railway Association as the source.

A PDF version of the map is available here.