Rail has long been identified as a sustainable mode of transport when compared to alternatives. In recent years, a growing number of organisations within the industry have taken steps to further embed sustainability across their operations.

As we continue to strive towards an even more sustainable industry, we are committed to ensuring rail remains an industry that benefits the wider economy and community, now and in the future.

The ARA supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and believes the rail industry is well positioned to continue to contribute to the sustainable development of our cities, towns and communities. It can do this by:

  • Encouraging the use of public transport and ensuring we can support the growth of the network over time
  • Ensuring a safe, fair and diverse workplace culture within our industry
  • Supporting sustainable development across the asset lifecycle

The ARA Young Leaders Advisory Board (Y-LAB) has established sustainability as a priority focus area and will help guide our work in this area over the coming years.