Smart Rail

The Smart Rail Route Map is a 30-year framework which defines the rail industry direction, development initiatives and research programs required to underpin the successful integration and support of next-generation digital and telecommunications technologies.

Smart Rail aims to drive a coordinated industry focus to the adoption and deployment of these next generation technologies by establishing a common view of priorities, themes, timelines and actions.  It focuses on improving the industry's ability to adopt and keep pace with telecommunication and information-based technologies and endeavours to improve standardisation, integration and harmonisation over the next 30 years.


A high-level executive steering committee will prioritise and oversee the implementation and development of the priorities, actions and initiatives outlined in Smart Rail.


Smart Rail Priorities

  • Passenger rail safety, timeliness, convenience and value-added services
  • Freight customer cost-effective services and on-time delivery
  • Harmonised and integrated public transport systems that enable seamless end to end journeys
  • Cost effective and efficient customer-centric operations
  • Smart asset management and maintenance
  • Workforce digital and technological skills and competencies
  • A national versus an independent approach


More Information

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