RIW Tender Process and Transition Information

Tender Closure and Contract Award

The RIW program tender process has concluded, with future services to be delivered by Metro Trains Australia and their core delivery team from 28 June 2019.

On the back of extensive evaluation the RIW Governance Committee and the ARA are now preparing for transition from our current service provider and tool, Pegasus Pty Ltd and the Onsite Track Easy software.


Transition of RIW program services

Critical details regarding the transition will be available from this site, and regular updates provided by email. We encourage you to register for the RIW Transition Newsletter by subscribing below.

Changes in preparation for transition will occur progressively between now and June 2019.

Key dates include: 

The coordination of changes, to support continued business operations, will require widespread participation from RIW Participants. Key contacts and roles have been established to provide support and information to you throughout transition. We recommend that organisations identify a core team or individual who can assist in sharing messages with your employees or contractors.

There are some questions that we anticipate you will be curious about and we have begun to address these in a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the new RIW Service Transition website.

These FAQ’s will regularly be updated and continue to expand to address your queries, we would like to invite you to send your (and your organisations) questions to riw@ara.net.au or phone the 02 6270 4504


Rail Industry Workers and participant organisations will be well supported through the transition process. To be kept up to date with transition information, please visit the RIW Service Transition website and sign up to the RIW Transition Newsletter.