Project i-TRACE

Project i-TRACE

‘Let's get moving’ with Project i-TRACE.

i-TRACE is an industry-wide initiative that standardises the capture of data relating to all assets and materials in the rail industry. In doing so, it will help to improve efficiency, lower costs and deliver better customer service. Importantly, it will also underpin Rail’s Digital Future by providing the foundation upon which the rail industry can build its digital capabilities.

The Australasian Railway Association, along with GS1, are spearheading this initiative and working with industry to deliver this transformational initiative.  The ARA has established a working group involving operators and suppliers who have agreed to a collaborative approach to improving inbound supply chain processes.

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  • I-TRACE provides critical building blocks upon which digital capabilities and automation of operational processes can be built – a common framework, using GS1 global data standards, to enhance the industry’s digital footprint.
  • Having consistency of object identification will underpin automation initiatives as the industry moves towards greater digitalisation through the SmartRAIL project.
  • The investment requirement is low, but the benefits are high with short, medium and long-term tangible and intangible outcomes.
  • It will allow for predictive maintenance by leveraging data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence as technologies continue to evolve over time. Having a good digital grounding will be critical to effectively exploiting these capabilities.



Further information on GS1 standards can be found in the video below.


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