Project i-TRACE

Working Together in Rail

The ARA is working with GS1 Australia and participating organisations through Project i-TRACE which is aimed at reducing costs and improving the quality of materials management processes.

Standardising the way materials in the rail industry supply chain are identified and marked will bring industry wide efficiencies for all stakeholders. It will provide the critical foundation for electronic data capture and the ability to simplify the exchange of information across operators, manufacturers, suppliers and contractors. The ARA has established a working group involving operators and suppliers who have agreed to a collaborative approach to improving inbound supply chain processes. Further information on how your organisation can take action is available here.

Over the coming months, the ARA is holding a number of supplier workshops to help suppliers understand what they need to do to move this initiative forward and the tools available to support the project’s implementation.

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Classroom training

Don't miss this half-day training which will cover a range of topics including why the industry is standardising the way parts and assets are identified and marked.
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Online training

If you're unable to attend training, we also have fortnightly webinars, where you can learn more about Project i-TRACE.

Webinar 1: This webinar is an introduction to Project i-TRACE. An overview of the project, background and next steps will be included.  
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Webinar 2: This webinar is an abridged version of the training session, this webinar includes steps toward implementation.
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Version 2.1 of the Australian Rail Guideline has been released. Additions to the guideline include standardised product labels and/or plate designs to assist you with your implementation (Please refer to Part III of the guideline).  You can download the guideline from the GS1 Australia website here:

A newsletter is also available to provide stakeholders with information on the project.  To subscribe go to

Find out more about the project here.

Further information on how V/Line is using Project i-TRACE to improve business processes can be found in the video below.


Further information on GS1 standards can be found in the video below.


More Information

For more information please contact Duncan Sheppard via or on 02 6270 4531.