Drug and Alcohol Management

The Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) conducted a review into drug and alcohol management in the rail industry. This review provided six recommendations that the rail industry supported in full.

Transport Ministers voted on ONRSR’s drug and alcohol recommendations when they met in Darwin on 18 May 2018. To support a legislative change, all Transport Ministers must vote in support for a recommendation.

The table below provides the TIC outcomes against each of the recommendations.

The 6 recommendations can be broken into 10 elements in total. 5 received full support, 2 were supported in all jurisdictions except NSW, 1 was supported in part and 3 (NSW specific) were not supported. ONRSR will now commence the legislative changes required to enact the supported amendments.

The ARA will continue to work with the NSW Government and advocate for the NSW variations to be removed.