2019 Federal Election

In 2019 and beyond, rail is more important than ever.
As Australian cities continue to grow and our freight task increases, the pressure on our road network also increases. Avoiding and reducing congestion is one of the biggest benefits that can be achieved from moving passengers by rail and moving freight from road to rail.
Properly planned and funded rail, integrated with other transport modes can ease congestion, reduce travel times, increase commuters’ access to transport, making cities more liveable and our economy more productive.
New light and heavy rail urban passenger projects are underway or planned in most Australian capitals and Inland Rail is being built as the backbone of our national freight supply chain.
Fast and High Speed Rail projects are now under consideration to better link our cities and regions.
Rail is an important industry for the Australian economy, supporting hundreds of companies that build infrastructure and rolling stock, manufacture and supply goods and deliver professional services whilst employing more than a hundred and fifty thousand Australians, in our cities and regions.
Rail is a sustainable industry, with one peak hour Sydney train replacing 800 cars and one freight train removing 110 trucks from our roads, while reducing carbon and other polluting emissions.
The Australasian Railway Association, in consultation with the 151 rail organisations we represent, has identified several important issues that the next Australian government must deal with to ensure Australia maximises the benefits of its considerable infrastructure investment.  We have categorised the following priorities and developed specific policy proposals for consideration.  Find the policies here
The Australasian Railway Association has also compiled an overview of the Rail related election policies from the two major parties which can be viewed here.