The Renaissance of Light Rail

A wave of new projects has seen light rail return to our cities in recent years, revitalising CBDs and bringing improved mobility and accessibility to communities.

Join us to hear from the author of the ARA's latest research report on The Renaissance of Light Rail as we delve into the unique benefits light rail has to deliver and the circumstances where it should be considered the mode of choice for urban centres.

We will discuss how light rail compares to heavy rail, bus and bus replacement technologies (BRT) and explore whether trackless trams really are a viable alternative to this increasingly popular mode of public transport.


About the presenter

Nick Johnson, General Manager, Strategy and Investment (NSW/ACT/Victoria), RPS Group

Nick is the author of The Renaissance of Light Rail and brings extensive experience in the infrastructure sector.

He leads a team of consultants specialising in infrastructure investment, finance, funding, strategy and transformation in NSW, Victoria and the ACT.



Date and time

Wednesday 23 June 2021, 12:00 - 13:00



Event details

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