Telecommunications and Technology Forum

Telecommunications and Technology Forum 2017


The ARA was pleased to host the 2017 Telecommunications and Technology Forum (TTF) at the Aerial UTS Function Centre, University of Technology Sydney (UTS) on 26 and 27 July 2017.

This event brought together experts from industry and government to discuss the big telecommunications and technology issues facing the rail industry. One of the key themes of the TTF was how industry can work together more effectively to increase the use and availability of data. This issue is critical for the rail industry, as it will not only enhance harmonisation, it will also improve efficiency, passenger safety and customer experience.

The two day conference covered thought provoking discussion and debate on:

  • Rail, telecommunications and technology
  • Train control
  • Harmonisation and interoperability
  • Digital Road Map (Smart rail)
  • Big data
  • Cyber security
  • Information technology.

Sponsored by TTG



Networking Drinks Sponsored by Siemens, Huawei and UTS.