Rail industry begins conversation to get more women in rail

2017 March 08 | 04:00pm

Individuals and organisations from across the Australasian rail industry have met in Melbourne today to mark an historic occasion on International Women’s Day – To discuss increasing the representation of women in the rail industry.
Danny Broad, Chief Executive Officer of the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) said he is excited about the rail industry coming together to discuss a very important issue.
“The Women in Rail Lunch is the first of many opportunities for the rail industry to come together to address these very important issues relating to gender diversity that are not only important to our industry, but also important to our community,” said Mr Broad.
“In 2016, Australasian Railway Association members came together to discuss what the industry could do to increase the number of women represented in the rail industry.
“We knew that there were about 17 per cent of women in the rail workforce in 2014. A Women in Rail Advisory Committee was established to oversee the development and implementation of the Women in Rail Strategy that would, as its vision states – Achieve a diverse, sustainable and empowered workforce that represents and services the community we carry.
“The strategy has identified that there are a number of initiatives that we need to work on as an industry to work towards increasing the representation of women in rail, they include: - Branding and promotion of rail - Cross-industry mentoring and leadership - Improved networks - A national framework.
“We know we are not the only industry with a lot of work to do to increase the representation of women in a traditionally male-dominated industry. We join many other industries in changing the many faces of our workforces,” Mr Broad concluded.
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