Appointment of panel a Step Closer to a National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy

2017 March 09 | 04:00pm

The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) welcomes the Hon. Darren Chester MP, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport’s announcement that a three member panel has been established to work with industry to develop the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy.
Marika Calfas, Maurice James and Nicole Lockwood have been appointed as the three senior leaders in the field who will be liaising directly with industry and will be advising the Minister on the development of the Strategy.
“The Australasian Railway Association welcomes Minister Chester’s announcement that Marika Calfas, Maurice James and Nicole Lockwood have been appointed to work closely with industry to develop a National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy that will meet the critical needs of our industry,” said Mr Danny Broad, Chief Executive Officer of the Australasian Railway Association.
“Rail plays an integral role in meeting Australia’s future freight challenges. With our domestic freight task expected to grow by 86 per cent between 2011 and 2031 and Australia’s population is projected to increase to 30.5 million by 2031, freight rail has an integral role to play in boosting the efficiency of the supply chain, meeting freight demand and improving liveability, particularly in our cities.
“These have been issues that we as the ARA have been advocating for on behalf of our members. The Rail Platforms for the Future is an example of where we have worked with our industry members to identify our vision with practical and achievable actions.
“For any potential Strategy to succeed, the necessary steps to boost rail freight efficiency and to get more freight on to rail need to be identified.
“The appointment of these three individuals provides the progress that our industry needs in moving forward with rail priorities. This includes long-term and smarter investment, better identification of key supply chains and their links to supporting infrastructure, improved integration between modes of transport, getting the price settings right around road pricing and short-haul rail to ports.
“Our members believe that the critical success to the development of the Strategy and to the final report is thorough consultation with industry, including with the Australasian Railway Association and its members.
“We look forward to working with the newly appointed panel members to provide our collective insights to ensure that the various stages of the consultation process and the report is reflective of the needs of our industry,” concluded Mr Broad.
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