Key Issues



Securing Rail's Telecommunication Networks

Radiofrequency spectrum is a finite resource managed by the Commonwealth Government through the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). 400 MHz radiofrequency based communications systems are used extensively throughout Australia by the rail industry.

Use of radio systems operating in this radiofrequency band are the basis for harmonisation and interoperability of mobile commutations systems used for safety and operational purposes across all facets of the Rail Industry.

Light Rail


A Sustainable Solution to an Urban Lifestyle

At the start of the 21st Century, more than 400 light rail systems were in operation and 100 systems were under construction around the world.[i] In the last decade, Australia has experienced a light rail renaissance.

High Speed Rail

Following multiple studies and years of debate, a 350km/hr High Speed Rail line is back on public and political agendas.

High Speed Rail is not another rail project. This is long-term nation-building project designed for the future landscape of Australia.

Australia’s rising population is overloading our cities, creating crippling congestion and increasing the demand on our transport systems. 

If our cities come to a standstill, so too will our nation’s productivity.


Passenger Rail


Urban overcrowding, traffic congestion, pollution and housing affordability affect the way Australians live, work and travel.

Congested roads cost Australia $15 billion annually through time wasted in traffic, delays and disruption to businesses, associated health problems and accidents.