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The Australasian Railway Association is a supporter of the Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation (ACRI). Established in 2013, ACRI provides professionally independent applied research, strategic analysis, advice and innovative solutions for the Australasian Rail Industry on significant challenges and opportunities affecting Rail today and into the future.


Rail Industry Worker Program


Project i-TRACE

Project i-TRACE

It is time to ‘Get On Board’ Project i-TRACE.

Heritage Rail

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Heritage Rail in Australia


The ARA is involved in a range of rail safety policy issues, primarily dealing with the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR). Key areas are:



Passenger Transport Group

The ARA’s passenger rail portfolio is led by the Passenger Transport Group (PTG), an Executive Committee that reports directly to the ARA Board.

Comprised of Chief Executives and Managing Directors of passenger rail operators around Australia and New Zealand, the PTG includes representation from all regional, urban and metro heavy rail systems and light rail networks around Australasia.


TrackSAFE Foundation

Working Together to Save Lives

TrackSAFE is a registered Harm Prevention Charity established by the Australian rail industry in March 2012.

TrackSAFE was created by the ARA and UGL to endeavour to reduce suicide, trespass and level crossing incidents on the rail network, in doing so beginning to mitigate the trauma caused to train drivers and other rail employees resulting from exposure to one of these incidents. 

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Rail Industry Group (RIG)

The objectives of the RIG are to develop, investigate and provide policy advice to the ARA on various issues relevant to rail manufacturers and suppliers, as well as to develop a work plan and deliver a range of actions to achieve a favourable environment for the rail manufacturing and supplier sectors to prosper.


RIG Terms of Reference

RIG’s purpose is to:


The Australasian Railway Association represents major rail contractors in Australia and New Zealand. Advocating on behalf of these companies is the Rail Contractors Group.


Rail embraces environmental stewardship as an important part of its corporate commitment and makes significant investment every year in the pursuit of innovation and new methodologies with the goal of reducing its environmental impact.