TrackSAFE Foundation

Supporting safety on and around the rail network.

The ARA established the TrackSAFE Foundation in 2012 to support the prevention of suicide, accidents and injuries on the rail network, and improve the wellbeing on rail employees.

The TrackSAFE Foundation’s strategic priorities include:

  • Preventing suicide by working with trusted partners like Lifeline Australia to promote community-based crisis services, advocating for funding for the construction of barriers to limit access to the rail corridor and supporting other evidence-based activities
  • Improving trauma management through initiatives such as Rail R U OK? Day, mental health awareness and first aid training, and providing the Rail Res App and post incident resources
  • Reducing injuries by raising community awareness of rail safety through events and education
  • Working with leaders in suicide, trauma, and injury prevention and contributing to research to ensure evidence-based policies and practices in the rail industry

To find out more about the TrackSAFE Foundation, visit their website.