The Board of the Australasian Railway Association shapes the priorities and sets the policy directions of the organisation. Board Members – drawn from the most senior levels of industry - draw on their expertise and industry leadership to ensure a focus on the reforms, policies and projects that will build a better Australia. 

At the Annual General Meeting on 22 November 2016, members of the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) elected a new Board to lead the organisation. The new ARA Board has eight General Directors and four Industry Sector Directors.


General Directors of ARA’s Board are:


  • Bob Herbert AM, Independent Board Chairman, ARA
  • Danny Broad, Chief Executive Officer, ARA


  • Howard Collins OBE, Chief Executive, Sydney Trains


  • John Fullerton, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director, Australian Rail Track Corporation


  • David Irwin, Chief Executive Officer, Pacific National


  • Andrew Lezala, Managing Director, Metro Trains Australia


  • Karl Mociak, Executive General Manager Rail Strategy and International Business, John Holland


  • Alan Beacham, Executive General Manager Rail and Defence, UGL


Industry Sector Directors are:


  • Representing the Passenger Transport Group: Emma Thomas, Director General, Transport Canberra and City Services


  • Representing the Rail Freight Ports Group: Damien White, Chief Operating Officer, TasRail


  • Representing the Rail Industry Group: Michael Miller, Chief Operating Officer, Downer Rail


  • Representing the Rail Contractors Group: Julian Sharp, Project Director, CPB Contractors (AGM – LXRP Caulfield to Dandenong)