The Board of the Australasian Railway Association shapes the priorities and sets the policy directions of the organisation. Board Members – drawn from the most senior levels of industry - draw on their expertise and industry leadership to ensure a focus on the reforms, policies and projects that will build a better Australia. 

At the Annual General Meeting on 22 November 2017, members of the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) elected a new Board to lead the organisation. The new ARA Board has eight General Directors and four Industry Sector Directors.



General Directors of ARA’s Board are:

Bob Herbert AM, Independent Board Chairman
Australasian Railway Association (ARA)

Danny Broad, Chief Executive Officer
Australasian Railway Association (ARA)


Alan Beacham, Executive General Manager Rail & Defence
UGL Limited

Howard Collins OBE, Chief Executive
Sydney Trains

John Fullerton, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC)

Andrew Lezala, Managing Director
Metro Trains Australia

Garry Seabury, Executive General Manager, Rail
John Holland

Paul Larsen, Chief Executive Officer
Arc Infrastructure

Rene Lalande, Chief Executive Officer
Transdev Australasia

Peter Reidy, Chief Executive Officer

Nick Easy, Chief Executive Officer
Queensland Rail

Dean Dalla Valle, Chief Executive Officer
Pacific National

Anna Squire, Principal


Industry Sector Directors are:

Representing the Passenger Transport Group:  Emma Thomas
Director General – Transport Canberra and City Services

Representing the Freight Transport Group:  Damien White
Chief Executive Officer – TasRail

Representing the Rail Industry Group:  Michael Miller
Chief Executive Officer – Downer Rail

Representing the Rail Contractors Group:  Julian Sharp
Project Director  - CPB Contractors (AGM – LXRP Caulfield to Dandenong)