Driving sustainable development

Our rail network takes cars off the road and B-doubles off our highways. Greater use of rail reduces emissions and is a crucial part of our sustainable future.

Passenger services to support a healthier community

Rail patronage on Australia’s passenger services is expected to grow two per cent per year, taking 12 million car journeys off the road from 2018-2026. Rail passenger travel generates 30 per cent less carbon emissions than road travel, supporting healthier communities in our cities and towns. In fact, each train of commuters reduces air pollution costs by $26,000 per year.

Taking trucks off our highways and commuter roads

Rail freight produces 16 times less carbon pollution than road freight for every tonne kilometre travelled. That’s why we need to get more freight on rail as demand increases. In fact, just a one per cent shift of freight from road to rail in Australia would reduce accident, emission and health costs by $71.9 million per year.

Key contacts

Director Corporate Affairs, Passenger Rail and Sustainability